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Our milk comes from Jersey cows known for milk that has more Protein, more Cream, more vitamin D and A and more calcium than the average milk. 

Sourced from East Texas, and is best known for its lush green grass pastures that extend long into the Texas summer.

No added hormones, no antibiotics and no GMO grains or feed. As natural and pure as any milk can get.

Drinking this milk brought us back to our childhood days of drinking "Farm Fresh" milk from the family farm. We hope it will give you the same experience.

We start with the freshest Raw Grade "A" certified milk. Wholesome, sweet and rich with a high content of cream and protein. This gives our yogurt, milk and cheese products a superior taste and the freshest products available.

The milk tastes can vary slightly by the seasons. The complexities of the milk we use only adds to the incredible flavors in our cheese. If you are a " foodie" you will love our yogurts and cheeses.

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